Best Biometric Gun Safe 2019 (Do Read Before Buying)

Is your handgun really going to protect you in the hands of a stranger? Kind of beats the purpose doesn’t it?

Not just that, imagine your daughter/son playing with the gun or even worse actually firing it because you forgot to put it away or have an easily accessible storage area?

In the wrong hands, guns can be dangerous and that is what makes these safes a must. And if you are really serious about security and safety, then there is hardly any better than a biometric gun safe.

But how do you choose the best biometric gun safe? Well, thankfully, we did all the searching for you and here are a few biometric gun safes that offer value for money in 2019.

Detailed Biometric Gun Safe Reviews

#1: VaultTek VT20i

If you want the absolute best then look no further than the Vaulttek VT20i. THE VaultTek VT20i is like the Superman of biometric gun safes and here’s why we believe so.

Best features

One of the best features of this vault is its compactness. With exterior and interior dimensions of 11.5″ X 9″ X 2.625″ and 11″ X 5.75″ X 2″, this biometric vault will easily fit under your car seat and into most drawers and cupboard at home so storing and traveling with it is easy peasy.

Not just that, it also meets all TSA guidelines which means you can even carry it with you on your travels. Further making carrying it easier is that fact that it weighs just about 10 pounds.

But no, that lightweight and compact build does not mean it compromises on build quality. It is as solid as a rock thanks to its 16 gauge steel build.

And no tools can breakthrough it either as it has strong interior hinges and anti-pry bars.

Oh, even the latches are impact-resistant so even if the robbers were to strike it with hammers and crowbars, this bad boy is going to stand strong and protect the things you love (as I said, it is the Superman of Biometric Gun safes).

But what if the robbers took out the power? Thankfully, searching for the gun safe in the dark is hassle-free as the backlit keyboard automatically illuminates when you are close to it due to the in-built proximity sensor.

And so you know exactly where your gun, magazine or other belongings fitted inside is an LED light which illuminates every corner of the safe so you never miss out on the important stuff.

The integration of Smart Technology allows you to store up to 20 IDS that means not just you but your wife or other older members can have access to the gun safe in times of need.

It also has a whopping 4-month battery life so you pretty much never need the charger and even if does run out of battery, it takes a mere 2.5 hours to charge (which is probably equal to your smartphone or laptop).

You can even use the safe while plugged-in if needed and all the charging kit and lithium-ion batteries are provided with the purchase saving you any additional expenses.

The inner dimensions mean there is ample room for a handgun like the Ruger SR1911 + Mag or the Glock 17 + Mag. You can also use the safe to store important documents like your passport, expensive jewelry and stuff you love (there is room aplenty in there).

And when you open it to get your things out, it does so without making the disturbing clank sound that most gun safes make.

Lastly, from viewing battery life, changing tamper detections settings, toggling sound, adjusting interior lights, checking history logs to even managing fingerprints, you do not have to be around the safe to make these changes.

You can do them via your mobile. Yup, all you need to do is install the App and voila, just like that, you can adjust most settings while at the beach, work or anyplace with an internet connection.


One of the small drawbacks of this gun safe is its biometric scanner is slightly inconsistent but the problem is rare. Just make sure are using the right fingers and they are not wet or dirty.

In case of any serious trouble, you can always fall back to the 2 backup keys which like a charm.

The safe is not waterproof so it was submerged in water the only way to access it will be the keys again. As for how fireproof it is, there is nothing mentioned.


  • It is compact and lightweight (weighs about 7lbs) and thus easy carry around
  • Meets TSA firearm guidelines so it can be carried on flights as well
  • Anti-pry bars prevents tools from breaking in
  • Latches can withstand great impact with ease
  • Proximity scanner lights up the keypad so you can spot and access the safe in the dark
  • It has an adjustable LED light on the inside
  • Most settings can be adjusted using the phone app
  • The battery can run up to 4 months and charges in the 2.5 hours
  • It stores up to 20 different IDS
  • Ample room to store guns like Ruger SR1911 + Mag or the Glock 17 + Mag
  • The charging kit and rechargeable batteries are included with the purchase


  • The fingerprint scanner is inconsistent on the rare occasions
  • Not a waterproof safe

#2: SentrySafe QAP2BEL

If you have 2 handguns then the SentrySafe QAP2BEL biometric safe is just what you need.  And the best part about it is that it gives you the space of two handguns at a cost similar to the VaultTek VT20i.

But does it match up in features? Let’s find out.

Best Features

With exterior dimensions of 9.8 x 16.4 x 3.2 inches, the SentrySafe QAP2BEL is another very compact biometric gun safe that can will fit anywhere in your bedroom or can be carried in your car as well.

As I already mentioned, this safe has a higher capacity than the VaultTek Safe mentioned above. That means you can fit in either 2 standard pistols or one large handgun along with its ammunition.

It is a biometric gun safe so obviously, it has the fingerprint scanner but unlike the VaultTek safe, this one’s scanner works like a charm.

That means it gets it right pretty much every time (yup, you can bank on this one in times of need). But if someone without a biometric ID needs to access the safe, you can also use the set a combination that acts as the backup.

On the inside, the lighting has the right balance. That means you can get a clear view and can grab your belongings/handgun in seconds even if it was dark. And at the same time, isn’t so bright as to be disturbing or alarming (because sometimes stealth is the way to go).

Then there is also a foam high compression foam that prevents scratches to both the safe or the guns and other valuables kept on the inside by creating a soft cushion.

Furthermore, to ensure you can go about it like a Ninja, there are compression struts.

These ensure that the safe makes no noise when opening allowing you discreet entry into the safe. Oh, it automatically opens up once your ID or code is confirmed.

As for the exterior, the steel build provides all the solidity it would need to withstand all the clobbering the robbers might throw at it. And neither are any of their tools going to come in handy as it is equipped with a pry-resistant door.

You can even bolt the gun safe at a convenient spot in the house so the robbers cannot simply pick it up and run away

Now, there are complaints about low battery life but if you get good Alkaline AA batteries (4 of them) these will last you for years and can also be recharged.

Don’t believe me? Check out Amazon reviews on battery life to see what users have been saying.


One of the few drawbacks with this biometric gun safe is that you will need to buy the Alkaline batteries separately which adds to the overall cost.

Secondly, it weighs about 16 pounds so lifting it is not going to be as easy as with the VaultTek safe.

Lastly, it isn’t as advanced either since it doe snot come with a proximity sensor or an app that allows you to adjust the settings remotely.


  • It has been certified by the Department of Justice California DOJ
  • It allows you to store 2 standard-sized handguns
  • The fingerprint scanner is pretty damn accurate
  • You can also set a combination which acts as a backup lock
  • The compression strouts ensure entry into the safe remains silent
  • It gives you excellent durability due to its steel build (it can take a beating)
  • Pry-resistant doors further add to the safety of your belongings
  • Alkaline batteries can last you for years without any replacements or recharging
  • High compression foam on the inside prevent scratches to the guns or jewelry
  • The interior light makes it easy to grab the gun even in the dark


  • It is on the heavier side as it weighs about 16 pounds
  • Not as advanced as the VaultTek gun safe but gets the job done
  • Batteries are not included with the safe

#3: AmazonBasics Mounted Firearm Gun Safe

Need the best biometric gun safe on a budget? Then this biometric gun safe is just what you have been looking for as it is available for less than $150. But its low price isn’t the only reason it makes it into the top 3. Here’s more about it.

Best Features

If you are particularly worried about your own safety and need a safe that is quick to access and can be mounted under the desk in your office our your bedroom nightstand (yup, just like the movies), this one fits the bill.

It is ultra-compact and weighs a mere 8lbs so you. It will into your backpack, suitcase or even handbag which makes it one of the most portable guns safes on the list.

And to ensure nobody can access your safe while it rests in your house, office or handbag, the safe is secured by biometric technology.  But what if I want more members of the family to have access?

It is exactly for this reason that it allows you to store 50 individual fingerprints which give you almost instant access to the gun.

And it is pretty accurate as well and has a lifespan of 1,000,000 times which means it will last you for years to come.

There is also an electronic keypad. Just type-in the set password and you can just as instantly get access to your firearm. This helps when you have sweaty, wet or dirty fingers and the biometric is unable to read your print.

Also, the rubber keys are waterproof and whisper-quiet. And in case you forget the password you are also given a backup key to access the firearm.


The mount provided with the firearms is a bit wobbly This is mainly because of the positioning of the screw holes that make it very difficult to tighten the screws once the safe is mounted.

Also, it isn’t the most durable of gun safes as the foam might tear of after after 8-10 months of usage.

Lastly, it can only store guns. unlike the VaultTek and the SentrySafe safes that can also store jewelry, documents, etc. this safe only supports guns thus limiting its use.


  • It is an ultralight and compact biometric gun safe that can be mounter under tables and night stands
  • One of the top safes for budget buyers as it costs less than $150
  • Stores up to 50 biometric IDs
  • You can also set a combination password or use backup keys if needed
  • All 3 access methods are designed to give you instant access to your firearm
  • The keypad is waterproof and sensitive enough for easy use
  • The biometric sensor lasts up to a 1,000,000 attempts which means no overhead expenses for years


  • The Interior foam starts to tear off after a few months of use
  • Not as versatile as some of the other models on the list as it stores only guns
  • The mount can be wobbly
  • There are no lights on the interior or exterior so make sure you place the safe close to you

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